Our story

IGLÀ leather bags

There is a story behind each brand.

IGLÀ is a small business – unique leather studio, where all the bags are designed by one person only, Maria Nesterenko. Bags are made solely by hand, sewn in saddle stitch technique, using only two needles, thread and a skilled handcraft. That gives leatherwork timeless quality and each product has distinctive characteristics.

Maria is a professional musician, violist, playing in Estonian National Opera Symphony Orchestra. Maria’s passion besides music is leathercraft and she has artistic approach to life and style – this is what sparked brand IGLÀ to life and continues it’s creative growth.

If You ask me, what the brand is, I will answer: IGLÀ is a masterpiece combining modern minimalist design and the ancient Italian tradition of leather craftmanship. IGLÀ items are made of the best Italian leather, with respect for old traditions and materials, in saddle stitch technique – it is a pure handicraft that is durable and of high quality.

Maria Nesterenko IGLÁ
Maria Nesterenko
Founder, Owner