Introducing one of our accessories in addition to supreme bags – IGLÀ leather belt CHRISTINA. A great belt is one of must-have fashion accessories. It has the power to completely change an outfit. CHRISTINA works magic – it accents your curves and adds a unique look to whatever you`re wearing.

Quality of our leather belt


As all IGLÀ creations a belt CHRISTINA is made of premium quality Scandinavian 2-2.5 mm vegetable-tanned leather that gets only better with time. Finest metal details are secure and with removable chain you have option to wear your belt with or without it. Size is adjustable and belt has a special knob closure.



In hectic tempo of modern world many of us are looking for simplicity and balance. Our inner path reflects to the outside and vice versa. Investing in well-made designer belt can make it one of the hardest-working items in your wardrobe. There are many reasons to wear it. Belt can elevate any basics, create texture and add structure to the look. IGLÀ leather belt looks great on simple shirt, different dresses and over a blazer or a coat. Waist belt not only creates beautiful hourglass figure, but it is likely to provoke feelings of personal power and confidence. Dare to uplift your style and yourself with CHRISTINA waist belt!