Our story

IGLÀ leather bags

There is a story behind each brand.

IGLÀ is a small business – unique leather studio in Tallinn, Estonia. Maria Nesterenko designs and makes saddle stitched premium leather bags here. 

Name of the brand IGLÀ means “needle” in Russian, it refers to special technique Maria is using to make the bags. It’s called saddle stitching – an ancient Italian tradition of leather craftmanship. Bags are made solely by hand, using high quality leather, two needles and a thread. As a result bags have timeless quality and each one has distinctive characteristics as well. Best of all – saddle stitched seam can last a lifetime when done well and is easily repairable.

Maria is an artist and musician, her instrument is viola. Maria’s passion besides music has been leathercraft since she was young. She has artistic approach to life and style. Without a doubt this is what sparked brand IGLÀ to life and continues it’s creative growth. 

In Maria’s own words name IGLÀ is an acronym that stands for intuitive, glamorous, ladies accessory. These four words represent her creative process and vision from backstory to the finished product. IGLÀ’s bag is therefore a masterpiece combining modern minimalist design and the ancient Italian tradition of leather craftmanship. IGLÀ items are made with respect for old traditions and materials. In conclusion – it’s pure, high quality handicraft that is durable. 

With this in mind – IGLÀ bags are created in a way that you can wear them as key pieces in your wardrobe for years to come. That is slow fashion – luxury in everyday use.

Maria Nesterenko IGLÁ
Maria Nesterenko
Founder, Owner