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Leather Bum Bag - Unisex Hit by IGLÀ

Wearing Leather Bum Bag by IGLÀ


IGLÀ Bum Bag is our first model – a snug leather belt bag for necessities. It`s perfect for keeping your belongings safe while travelling, visiting festivals, enjoying urban life and more. Fits essential items like phone, keys, sunglasses and more. 

Minimal style of IGLÀ Bum Bag makes it one of those unisex accessories that is both functional and fashionable on anyone. Belt bags have made a comeback after trending in 90s and continue to be one of the most popular  accessories in 2023. 

IGLÀ Bum Bag is great choice if you want to keep it light and hands-free. Wear it like a crossbody, over your shoulder or around your waist like a belt. 


How it`s made- technique and quality 

IGLÀ bags are made of premium quality polished Italian or Scandinavian 2-2.5 mm leather, using finest metal details. Each bag is sewn by hand using saddle stiching technique that makes strongest and finest end result in leatherwork. IGLÀ designer Bum Bag is timeless and resilient to wear and tear. It`s easy to clean and take care of  it, to make it wearable in all weather conditions and ensure  it stays in good condition over time. 


Choose your style 

You can choose between two models - IGLÀ original Bum Bag and Bum Bag Rock. 

Original Bum Bag is versatile and perfect for minimal, modern style. 

Bum Bag Rock is a studded belt bag, with added details - wear it and rock your personal bold and accentuated style. 

IGLÀ Bum Bag has great potential to become one of your most loved items in cutting edge capsule wardrobe. 


Need something different? 

Leather Bum Bag is the petite one, but you`re welcome to check out IGLÀ Book Bag and capacious Leather Backpacks MILAN or VENICE. 


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